The World’s Strongest Coffee at Coffee & Chocolate in Cape Town

Black Insomnia coffee has overtaken American brand Death Wish Coffee in laying claim to the title ‘The World’s Strongest Coffee’. Sample the taste if you dare at Cape Town's inaugural Coffee & Chocolate Experience at Green Point Cricket Club, 24 - 25 September. Made from a blend of Ugandan and Brazilian beans, Black Insomnia Coffee contains 6% more caffeine than its competitor’s product. Laboratory test results, using the High Performance Liquid Chromatography method, have found that this amounts to an incredible 57.5 mg per fluid ounce whereas Death Wish Coffee only contains 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. Needless to say we’re proud of our new coffee product, especially as we think it is also the world’s best tasting coffee.

The International caffeine reference website, the Caffeine Informer, has now accredited Black Insomnia as the Worlds Strongest Coffee. Find more information about how Caffeine Informer has rated Black Insomnia Coffee here.

Brand founder Sean Kristafor created Black Insomnia to ‘reboot’ the coffee industry. He considers Cape Town the coffee capital of the world but believes it’s time to offer something a little different – something stronger and darker, with an edge. Black Insomnia is brewed in Cape Town, South Africa by one of the world’s foremost coffee roasters, Gerald Charles, known in the coffee community as Dr G. He’s become somewhat of a celebrity and recently graced the cover of a leading luxury lifestyle magazine and supplies coffee to some of South Africa’s most loved coffee shops. He describes Black Insomnia as being as good as a ‘hug from your gran’ but with a serious caffeine kick that gives it unprecedented edge. As an espresso it’s rich, full-bodied and syrupy, with the flavours of nuts and caramel dominating. With milk it’s ‘comforting, rich and sweet, with flavour components of roasted walnuts, caramel and chocolate’. The current (September 2015) product range consists of: Black Insomnia™ Coffee Beans & Ground Beans – The World’s Strongest Coffee, Black Insomnia™ Capsules – The World’s Strongest Coffee Capsules. Black Insomnia™ Black Brew – Cold Brew from The World’s Strongest Coffee Black Insomnia™ Black Nitro – Nitrogen Enhanced Cold Brew from The World’s Strongest Coffee Black Insomnia™ Merchandise – Gear for strong coffee lovers by The World’s Strongest Coffee

FAQ’s from media: 1. Who is behind Black Insomnia and how did it all come about? Sean: I retired from corporate life at the end of last year, after 20 years of running multi national retail companies. I am also a typical coffee-colic who loves a good cup of coffee in the morning at my local coffee shop while I go on through my social media and online news articles. I felt that there was a something missing in my coffee, that kick that makes you want to jump up and take on the world. I looked around to find that special brew, but could not find anything that could do that while tasting really good and smooth. At that stage the Worlds Strongest Coffee was Death Wish and came out of the USA, and while it was quite strong, it did not taste really great. Also due to the exchange rates, Death Wish was prohibitively expensive. Therefore I decided to create my own. I did some online research to see if I could find a roaster based in Cape Town, who could make something for me. What I found surprised me: Cape Town city Centre has 25 micro roasters and over 100 in the greater Cape Peninsula area, and that we actually have one of the best roasters in the world (Gerald Charles a.k.a. Dr G). I contacted Gerald and asked him make me the strongest coffee in the world, but it also has to taste really good. I bought a couple of bags of Death Wish from various locations around the USA and had them tested at SGS Laboratories for caffeine content using High Performance Liquid Chromotography method. Gerald’s first try knocked it right out of the ball park and developed something that was over 15% stronger than Death Wish. On the 10th of June I brought Michael Van Den Heerik onboard, owner of a boutique creative agency called WebWiser. My brief was to develop branding and identity for the Worlds Strongest Coffee. He presented the concept to me on the Youth Day public holiday, 16th of June, where he had delivered on the brief spot on. So the brand was born on Youth Day 2016. We launched the brand at the Johannesburg Coffee and Chocolate Expo on the 14th of June and the rest is history. 2. How would you describe the coffee? Black insomnia tastes like a hug from your gran With milk: it is comforting, rich and sweet, with flavour components of roasted walnuts, caramel and chocolate. As an espresso it is rich, full bodied, syrupy with dominant flavours of nuts and caramel and don’t forget the caffeine kick! It contains more than 6% more caffeine than Death Wish – and also a similar amount of caffeine to many energy drinks on the market in South Africa. This is without the sugars and additives that are believed to be harmful if consumed in excess. We even encourage people to drink it without sugar because we don’t believe it needs anything else. The blend dynamic of this coffee’s origins are from South America, Central America and Africa. It is a premium grade quality coffee that works best with a smaller amount of water. Its optimization point is at 93.40 preferably using a harder water. 3. Where can people buy? Black Insomnia Coffee is available online at as well as a variety of quality coffee shops around Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. You can go to our website to see who stocks Black Insomnia

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