Meet Francesco Sanapo, 2013 World Champion Barista, from Italy performing in JHB 13 - 16 July at Cof

Francesco Sanapo says - For me, coffee represents a real life style. I love my job, and I don’t think I could do anything different than this. A barista is not just an elegant guy who pushes a button and then serves an espresso to his customer. A barista is someone who knows the coffee chain, studies the coffee plants and its varieties. He or she must know the harvest times,cultivation and roasting processes. And only as the last step must he or she know how to prepare a good cappuccino and latte art. I would use the word barista only for a professional who knows all these aspects of the job. I think that Italy’s strong espresso tradition has actually been a handicap in bringing our profession to this next level.

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